The small wooden Greek Catholic church in Vyšná Polianka is located 23 km north of Bardejov. It was built in 1919 on a placewhere an earlier older church built in 1810 stood. The older church was destroyed during the First World War. Both churches were built with dedication to Saint Paraskeva. 

In comparison to the older building the contemporary church is of much smaller scale and has much simpler architecture. It is a three-room wooden structure with a tower and two crosses. Originally the tower used to have three bells, now it has only two. 

Building material from the older church was salvaged and reused for the construction of the contemporary church. Similarly to other wooden churches the one in Vyšná Polianka is also listed among the national cultural monuments. 

The Iconostasis has little artistic-historical value and serves only for religious purposes.

The outer area surrounding the churchwas restored during the ninth decade of the twentieth century. The last restoration processes took place in 2004.

The mass takes place every Sunday at 8 o’clock in the morning.




Translated by:
Mgr. Samuel Beňa, M.A.


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