The oldest tree in Slovakia, mysterious fir-beech primeval forests, one of the oldest Slovak nature reserve, world-famous wooden churches, war cemeteries, impressive ruined castles, WWI and WWII battle memorials, rare wetlands, healing springs, the first private nature reserve in Central Europe, extinct volcano, or two international hiking trails – E3 and E8. The Upper Šariš region offers all of this and much more.

The environment of Bardejov offers a system of marked hiking trails, together with perfect conditions for adventurous hiking out of official tracks. You can find out more about our region in chapters on nature wonders, wooden churches, Castle of Zborov, and war history memorials.

When it comes to forest hiking, there is a significant mountain range Čergov, which offers fascinating primeval forests and mountain meadows that provide a shelter to plenty of rare game or endangered plants.


Get on a bike and explore the beauty of Upper Šariš rural areas, which are hidden in valleys of sublime mountain ranges of Čergov, Busov, or Ondavská vrchovina (highlands). Experience the atmosphere of villages where the time stopped decades ago, in the environment enhanced by Eastern Slovak spirit, Šariš region dialect, Ruthenian language, or wild Roma settlements.

Hundreds of kilometers of village routes with almost zero traffic offer exceptional conditions for cycle tourism. Dozens of routes zig-zagging along the picturesque scenery, nature wonders, rare sacral buildings, or war memorials, will certainly make each one of your cycle trips unforgettable.

There are only a few places in Slovakia that offer so many suitable cycling tracks – Bardejov is definitely one of them. If you can’t get enough of it near Bardejov, there is a lot more tracks near Polish border – it’s rather close, but significantly different in its rural areas, nature wonders, or culture and gastronomy. Anyway, it would be shame to miss it out.

To sum up – historical, multicultural character of Upper Šariš region is undoubtedly original. For example, there is a unique group of wooden churches (enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage), which is scattered along both sides of Slovak-Polish border. It could be a magnificent thematic cycling trip. We highly recommend it!

Translated by:
Mgr. Tomáš Fedorko


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